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You said, we did

You said, we did…


Thank you to everyone that completed the questionnaire about our remote learning offer.  Whilst the majority of the feedback from the home-learning questionnaire was very positive (this has been emailed to you), we have adjusted our remote learning offer with regard to the following suggestions / feedback from parents:


  • 25% of parents indicated that children are finding it difficult to complete the learning in an appropriate amount of time.

All year groups now have a timetable for the week which will appear each week on Showbie.  Please try and stick to these timings.  Individual families have been contacted with regard to workload and expectations – please get in touch if you are still finding this an issue.


  • Chats can sometimes be used inappropriately.

Parents / children have been reminded in newsletters about appropriate use of chat. Teachers will disable the chat function if it continues to be used inappropriately.


  • Making learning available on Showbie on the evening before so that worksheets can be prepared for the next day.

Learning will now be available on the evening before in all year groups


  • Difficulty in accessing learning due to issues with technology.

We have loaned laptops to families that have indicated that there is an issue with access to technology – please get in touch with school if this is still an issue.