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The Nursery


Children are normally admitted to the Nursery in the September following their third birthday, and we have a small intake in January the following year to top up any vacant places.   We do operate a waiting list:  should you be interested in putting a child’s name on it, please see Mrs Joyce in the office.
Offers of places are usually made in Spring for the following September.  Children are entitled to receive a full year’s part time nursery education, which is LA funded, and we also offer full-time options (presently £85 per week) or extended part-time options (presently £30.00 per week).


In September 2017, the Department for Education is introducing 30 hours of free funding for working parents of 3-4 year olds.  Please see the office for more information.



The School
The admission process for entry into the Reception Class of the School is administered by the Children’s Services Department of Bolton Council in accordance with the criteria specified on their website  As an Academy, we have adopted the Bolton Council criteria.
Children are admitted during the Autumn Term of the educational year (1st September to 31st August) in which they reach their fifth birthday. (Previous attendance at the nursery class does not automatically ensure entry to the school).
Parents are requested to fill in a ‘Registration of Interest for a Primary School Place’ form.  This can be completed in school or by contacting the Pupils and Student Services Section at the Council on the following telephone numbers 01204 332092 or 01204 332143.  The school transfers data to the LEA, who will then send out Preference Forms to all parents and will offer places during the spring term according to preferences expressed.
More detailed information regarding the Nursery Unit and the School are presented at meetings for new parents which are held in school prior to the child's admission.  All children have the opportunity to visit the nursery with their parents before admission. Groups of children visit the Reception Class in the summer term prior to admission into the main school.