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Curriculum Statement

Governing bodies are required to produce a curriculum statement annually. This replaces the requirement under the School Framework and Standards Act 1998 for a curriculum plan.  At Harwood Meadows Primary School this statement sets out the principles underpinning the curriculum and reflects the school’s commitment to developing all aspects of their pupils’ lives.

At Harwood Meadows Primary School, our approach to the curriculum aims for our children to:

  • develop inquisitive minds, a spirit of curiosity and a passion for learning;
  • be equipped with the skills to fully participate in an ever changing world;
  • be respectful and productive members of the community;
  • have high expectations and self-belief to enable them to fulfil their potential;
  • reflect on their learning and seek to extend themselves mentally, physically and spiritually; 
  • persevere, develop resilience and learn from their mistakes;
  • develop an understanding and respect for the environment;
  • have the courage and confidence to take calculated risks (have a go);
  • recognise their own culture and have a sense of identity;
  • be open-minded;
  • be respectful of other cultures and beliefs and value other people, their ideas and opinions;
  • be able to communicate (have good interpersonal skills);
  • be adaptable.

This is the philosophy of how we want to work and learn. These aims underpin all of the learning that takes place in our school.  Our Teaching and Learning Policy encompasses all of our curriculum policies.

At Harwood Meadows, we encourage co-operative learning.  Not only do our staff have a responsibility to ensure that our children learn and develop but we also encourage our children to take responsibility for their own learning.


Parents also play a significant part.  We ensure that at the start of each term that parents are informed about what their children will be learning and suggest ways in which they can play an active role in their child's development.  Work is celebrated and shared throughout the year with parents and the school community.


The development of reading and writing throughout the school is a key priority.  We use the Read, Write, Inc. phonics scheme throughout Reception and Key Stage 1.  We also use a range of reading books which are 'book banded' to ability levels which the children take home to read.  Once pupils are secure in their phonic knowledge, they are in a solid position to further develop their reading, writing and comprehension skills.