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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Ms Barnes, Head Teacher
Mrs Spencer, Deputy Head Teacher


Mrs Marsden, Nursery Teacher
Mrs Wood, Reception Teacher
Miss Williams, Year 1 Teacher
Miss Thomas, Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Pike, Year 2 Teacher
Miss McFadden, Year 3 Teacher
Mr Leese, Year 5 Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Miss Warrington, Nursery TA
Miss Allen, Year 1 TA
Mrs Platt, Year 2 TA
Mrs Hennessey, Year 4 TA & SMSA
Mrs Molaei, Year 4 TA
Mrs Johnstone, Year 4 & 5 TA & Club Manager
Mrs Coward, Year 6 TA & Play Worker
Miss Potter, Year 6 TA & Club Manager
Mrs Saunders, Year 6 TA

Support Staff

Mrs Green, Office Manager
Mrs Joyce, Office Manager
Mrs Pitt, Office Administrator
Mr Taylor, Site Manager