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Year 4

School Closure Extension (12th June 2020)

School Closure Extension (6th June 2020)

Welcome to Year 4!



Dear parents and carers,


We hope that you are all still safe and well.  As lockdown continues for most children, remote learning conditions still apply and therefore, each week, class teachers will be putting a learning grid onto the class pages of the website.  Children are encouraged to have a go at the blue sections every day, and the sections in yellow are suggestions of extra projects that children could undertake if they / you choose to. 


In these challenging times, children’s happiness, wellbeing and safety are paramount and the most important aspects of day-to-day life.  Although we are uploading ideas to the website, there are no definitive expectations of what you must do or not. If you are able to support your children with their learning at home, then great! We appreciate  that it may be difficult for some families to support their children in home-learning so please do not feel any pressure for children to complete these tasks if your circumstances are such that it is not possible – do as much or as little as you see fit.  There is also nothing wrong with playing games, baking, having fun and enjoying life!


Please email school if you have any further questions or need any support and guidance.  We would also love to see photos of any home-learning that children have completed in order to celebrate these on the school website and on twitter too (@HMCPS).


Thank you for all of your continued support.  Look after yourselves and stay safe!

Microsoft Teams

Parents and pupils: please be aware that under no circumstances are meetings to be record or photographs taken as this does not adhere to the guidelines contained in the safeguarding policy.

Time: 10.00 am Mon-Thu

Week 13th July
Week 6th July
Week 29th June

Week 22nd June


In school on Wednesday and Thursday I will be teaching English lessons 3 and 4, Maths Lessons 3 and 4, Science, Reading and Art so if your child is returning to school this week, please do not do these lessons at home on Monday or Tuesday.


Thank you 


Miss Jacques

Week 25th May 2020 (this is not compulsory as it is half term - just if you want to!)

Week 18th May 2020

Message from Miss Jacques 20th April
A message from Miss Jacques 14th April 2020.
A message from Miss Jacques 26.03.20

Hello Year 4 - thanks for visiting the class page.  I hope you are all staying safe.


I'll keep this page updated whilst we are off school and I will keep adding different work and ideas.


I have added some maths work for you to complete whilst you are off school, a link to your spellings and Times Tables Rockstars.


I would like you to complete a project, finding out about a European country .  Think about the following:

  • Where the country is
  • Language
  • Significant landmarks
  • Famous people
  • Flag
  • Popular food
  • Any other interesting facts

Be creative in how you present your work, it can be in any format you like.  I'll look forward to seeing your projects when we come back to school.


I've attached links to 'The Hour of Code' which has some great computing activities you can do online and also remember Steven Lenton's You Tube challenge where you can complete the draw-a-long.


Get Epic is a fantastic resource which gives children free access to thousands of books (an electronic library).  I have set up a class account and the children each have an avatar - the instructions are attached below.


Miss Jacques

Curriculum Overview

Useful Websites

Times Tables


Reading Links

Get Epic Instructions

Work Packs
Remember you can watch the Supermovers songs on the BBC - just search Supermovers BBC 9 times tables and you will find the rapping unicorn!



Royal Scottish National Opera


Create a Samba band at home using everyday objects from the kitchen. Watch them play before they show you how to do it at home.


David Walliam’s Marvellous Musical Podcast



Listen to David Walliam’s podcast as he introduces the whole family to classical music. There are ten episodes to enjoy.

Chethams Outreach


Ideas for music making at home for all ages: Early Years, Family Friendly and Young at Heart

Sing Up


Sing-Up Home schooling area. Free songs and ideas for linked activities. Suitable for parents and teachers.


Out of the Ark


Words on Screen™  videos of each song, together with some simple linked ideas and activities especially written to help teachers and parents engage with some singing, music teaching and much more!   


BBC 10 Pieces


Live interactive music lessons

BBC 10 Pieces

Introducing young people to the wonderful world of classical music. Videos of full performances and lesson plans and ideas for teachers. Watch the video of the full performance then try out some of the ideas in the lesson plans.


Try: ‘No Place Like…’ to help you think about music in your home.


Try ‘Connect It’ for making music using body percussion.


Dippy the Explorer

Learn to sing our specially commissioned GM Music Hub Singing Challenge song – ‘Dippy the Explorer’.

Ideas for activities linked to the song and Dinosaur music.


BBC Music lessons

House of sound – short films that that explore the science of sound and how musical instruments make sounds.

Body percussion online workshops

Body beats – Body percussion online sessions. Delivered by Ollie Turner (former STOMP cast member) Daily Monday to Friday at 11am.