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Welcome to the Harwood Meadows Community Primary School PTFA page.

In order to find out about the actual administration and function of the PTFA, you will find below a document outlining the main objectives of our Parent Teacher and Friends Association, and a description of the various roles and responsibilities.


If you want the (fairly) short explanation, read on.  Essentially we are a group of parents/carers & staff who work together to share ideas and information, fundraise for the school and hopefully simultaneously help reinforce our school community.  If you are a playground/school line regular, you’ll probably have come to recognise the PTFA committee members, we’re the ones that were dressed as book character’s at the last school disco, and we can often be found nattering about upcoming and past events, in various parts of the school playgrounds. In fact, you know you’re really on the PTFA, when people start avoiding you around Christmas and Summer fair time!


Joking aside, along with the school staff, we work really hard to try and create the best learning/playing environment for our children, and we cannot do this without your help.  So, thank you to those of you who don’t run a mile when you see us coming and give your time to help at events, and to those of you who bake for our cake sales, donate to our fairs/stalls or just turn up to our events.  There are approximately 10 people on the actual committee, but if you help in any way, however small, you are in the PTFA.


If you want to be more involved please either contact us on our PTFA email address:, our Facebook page or just find one of us for a chat!

Summer Fair 2016

Thank you to everyone that attended our summer fair, we managed to raise a massive £1,752.67.  Thank you to everyone who donated and supported us so that we could make this possible.


Many thanks,

PTFA frown

PTFA World Book Day Disco March 2016

Christmas Fair 2015

A massive thank you to everyone who donated items and came to the Christmas fair, it was a great success and we managed to raise £1,413.59! We hope you had lots of fun!